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    Calendar Raffle 2020-2021

    Congratulations to all our February 2021 calendar winners. Thank you to all who bought and sold calendars, your support of MWVYHA is greatly appreciated.  We would not be who we are without all you .
    Feb 1- Pam Fournier   sold by Kennedy Fitch                
    Feb 2-  Cathy Fisher  sold by Caiden Owen                
    Feb 3 - Sharon Keefe sold by Charlotte Hatch 
    Feb 4- Celeste Bisson sold by Noah Deyak
    Feb 5- Megan Cruz sold by Logan McHenry 
    Feb 6- Lisa Vertigan  sold by Elly (MWV Skating Club) 
    Feb 7- Nikki Wrobleski sold by Jack McAllister 
    Feb  8 - Val Jackson  sold by Mabel Graves
    Feb 9- Rachel Protasewich sold by Summer Laine
    Feb 10 - Mary Jane Elwell   sold by Dante Carbonaro 
    Feb 11-  Renee Kendall  sold by Ryder Irvin
    Feb 12- Gina and Joe Thinodeau  sold by Cameron Brett 
    Feb 13- Courtney Smith  sold by Michael Smith 
    Feb 14- Ashley and Jacob King sold by Declan Ferriter 
    Feb 15- Trish Potosky  sold by Logan McHenry- Double Calendar
       (Thank you for donating your double back to the association) 
    Feb 16- Seraphina Carbonaro sold by Dante Carbonaro
    Feb 17- Gail James sold by Greyson  James 
    Feb 18- Laurel Pulsifer sold by Owen Zipf 
    Feb 19- Spencer Glackin sold by Spencer Glackin 
    Feb 20- Ann Kroski sold by Kylie Kroski 
    Feb 21- Eric Grenier sold by Jack McAllister 
    Feb 22- Ben Hall sold by Peter Hall
    Feb 23- Kim Bahre sold by Seamus Coleman
    Feb 24- Theresa Farina sold by Kennedy Fitch
    Feb 25 - Jay White sold by Kennadi Kroski 
    Feb 26- Dan Lucchetti sold by Jack McAllister 
    Feb 27- Nicole Sclama sold by  R. Wyatt Sclama 
    Feb 28  Grand Prize Chris Proulx sold by Nolan Proulx 

    2021-2022 Fall Registration 


    Registration goes up $50.00 after Aug 15th for 10U 12U 14U

    10U 12U 14U registration is closed

    2020-2021 14U

    Mount Washington Valley
    Youth Hockey Association
    PO Box 948, Conway, NH 03818